Thursday, August 5, 2010

BARBUZZO: We're Smokin' at Barbuzzo...

We have been going crazy with charcuterie for the past month getting ready for the opening. So far we have done house-made and either smoked, dry cured, aged, or fresh sausages.
All of our piggy parts are coming to us right from Green Meadow farms in Gap, Pa. It is the best, most delicious pork we have ever worked with!
Highlights include:
-tuscan salami w/ orange and fennel (dry cured)
-spanish chorizo (dry cured)
-soppressata w/ sumac and coriander (dry cured)
-barbuzzo pancetta
-lomo rubbed chili and cacoa
-smoked Portuguese chorico (aged)
-catalan fresh sausage w/ raisins and pine nuts

We are excited to start feeding everyone!

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