Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lolita celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Hello Everyone!

As we prepare to reopen and celebrate our 10th Anniversary at Lolita, we wanted to say thanks to our guests - our friends - for the many years of supporting our businesses here on 13th Street.  When we started this journey, more than a decade ago, we never could have imagined this is where we would be today.  We just wanted one small restaurant to call our own!

That was Lolita, our first restaurant on this block, and for this reason is near and dear to our hearts.  We still see the same faces who started coming to Lolita way (way) back in 2004, and it never fails to make our night. We love the diversity and energy of the Midtown Village neighborhood and we are proud to call Philly our home.

This spring, we will once again open the doors of Lolita, this time with a completely redesigned interior, a new menu and a full liquor license.  It reflects not only how the restaurant industry has changed over the last decade, but also how we have evolved as restaurateurs and business owners.  We wake up every morning excited to start the day and we strive to better each of your experiences in our shops and restaurants.

We know this would not be possible without you! Your support is the reason for our success, so we thank you. We look forward to sharing many more years to come on 13th street.

We cannot wait for you all to see Lolita all grown up!

Val and Marcie

106 SOUTH 13TH ST  |  PHILADELPHIA  |  215.546.7100