Sunday, July 11, 2010

BINDI: Menu: July 13 Thali Tuesday

(a thali (tah-LEE) is a round tray made up of a selection of different Indian dishes)

choice of the following:
seared black spice duck breast duck confit , purple potato broth, cherry chutney, candied ginger
OR grilled snapper coconut green curry sauce, mussel salad, fennel fronds
OR succotash english pea, pear tomatoes, tofu and corn succotash, masala spiced red onions

everyone will receive:
chaat cantaloupe, green mango, pickled watermelon rind, spiced yogurt, chutneys
khichdi basmati, toasted almonds, golden currants
fava dal smashed favas, chana dal, cilantro
soubz thoran asparagus, summer corn, pole beans, coconut, toasted cashew
mint raita cumin scented raita, cucumber, baby black mint
rhubarb chutney green apple, pomegranate apple cider, cherry
dried blueberry-pecan-goat cheese stuffed paratha
hand rolled griddle bread, ghee, sea salt

÷ July 13, 2010 ÷
Marcie Turney - Executive Chef | George Sabatino - Chef de Cuisine
we proudly support local artisinal farmers
cash only, gift certificates available, 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more

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