Monday, August 16, 2010

BARBUZZO: House Smoked Chourico

We have all been smoking a lot at Barbuzzo...a lot of food that is. Our favorite by far has been a fresh pork sausage called Portuguese chouriço. It is similar to Chorizo but made a little different by adding piri piri chilis and a lot of lemon zest.

The sausage is made with our farmer’s pork, fat, wine and spices. Once it is stuffed we let it hang overnight to develop the flavors a bit more, then we cold smoke it in The Big Chief for about 45 minutes. The result is so delicious I have been cut off from letting people try it, in fear there will be none for the opening.

Our chourico will be featured on the menu in a couple different places:
Migas are awesome bread crumbs that get toasted in the fat rendered from the chourico. We use some sliced garlic and olive oil as well, we are all getting fat from snacking.

Another dish will use the chourico to flavor a rich broth used to cook fideo, cockles, octopus, and other deliciousness. We are hard at work on it!

This weekend Chris got to make 50 pounds of the chourico, here are some pictures of the fun!

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