Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BARBUZZO: Piggy Popcorn & Bacon

We love pigs a whole lot, no surprise there...We have been cooking our way through all kinds of piggy parts, all from the awesome farmers at Green Meadow Farms. This week alone we have started to cure jowls for Guanicale, fat back for Lardo, and a couple bellies for Pancetta and Bacon. The pig’s skin gets an awesome treatment in the dehydrator and deep fryer to make our pork rinds!

We have been going smoker crazy and some bellies just came out of cure this week, so we decided to do the obvious. Our house smoked bacon is so good it hurts. I feel that it will just keep getting better each time. It is very cool to slow roast bacon until it gets nice and tender and caramelized, (see the picture above). This might end up in a couple pasta specials once we get going!

The pork rinds are way too addicting. They are a simple and really delicious way to utilize something that could just be discarded when we are cleaning up pork belly. We are still putting the last touches on them but are sure they will be perfect soon!

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